Friday, February 6, 2009

Gay video mobile version

Mobile version of gay videos for cell phones is available on sexoncell tv. You can watch internet mobile videos on-demand. This is excellent for the gay community that enjoys mobile porn. As always you can play gay porn using live streaming so you do not even need to save it to your cell phone.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gay Mobile Porn

What makes gay mobile porn work well on mobiles? There are many mobile users looking for gay porn. Clearly, Sex on cell is the source for gay porn. The movies on Gay Sex TV are always updated so it's a lot of fun. Most mobile phones can play gay mobile videos since 3G networks are widespread now. Mobile industry is finally able to provide a quality video compatibility for gay sex videos. Sex on cell is the place for the gays to watch mobile porn.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

LOST - mobile porn if lost on an island

In ABC's Lost, Jack Shephard was a spinal sergeon before the crash. What's he supposed to do on a pretty much deserted island? This is an excellent case study for mobile porn demand and usage. The show, LOST, shows us how mobile porn would be popular on a pretty much deserted island. Jack Shephard has pretty much nothing to do but they have phone reception. That means that he is an ideal candidate for mobile porn usage. Whether it is to relieve stress or let the time pass while they wait for rescue, mobile sex is what they need. All Jack Shephard has to do is to point his mobile to mobile sex and enjoy.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Watch mobile porn on ATT Phones

It is important to know if your phone can have adult mobile tv to watch 3gp sex. This post is mostly for AT&T users who would like to have a phone that plays 3gp porn. Like all US carriers, you cannot be billed for porn via premium SMS so you have to pay with a credit card. In any event, some of good mobile porn phones that AT&T site has right now are below.

There are clearly a few choices for 3gp mobile sex phones on AT&T wireless network. With those phones you will be able to watch mobile sex with no problems. Important note, however, sign up for an unlimited data plan so you would not have to pay for each byte downloaded.

Monday, September 24, 2007

$100 Laptop XO-1 brings porn to the develping world.

Everyone knows that Internet is for porn. Now that the developing world will be able to take advantage of the vast resources of the Internet, there will be even more growth of the adult entertainment industry. The next step is XO mobile phone. A cheap mobile with free unlimited data service over WiMax is exactly what is  needed for sex on cell. We just need to wait who will surpass XO's goals and be able to bring cell phone porn to the developing world.
XO is about to be available to the public - Public can now purchase an XO Laptop, with a catch
Thanks to investing into developing world, emerging markets can enjoy mobile sex movies.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mobile porn social networkg

According to Techcrunch, social-networking engine Ning has reached a milestone of 100k social networks. Most of the networks are probably just shells by various users but its is still a big number. There are two things missing from ning that would make it the top social networking tool. They are mobile and porn. There are billions of people with mobiles. Most people use the Internet for porn. Add two and two together and you get a key foundation for the most popular social network - mobile porn social network. According to the article, "Ning recently raised a $44 million round of financing." If the investors want big returns on their money, they should pressure Ning to understand the power of mobile porn. It doesn't matter is the format is 3gp or wmv, or if the user is using a normal mobile phone or a Smart phone, or even if it's 3G, WiFi or WiMAX. All that matters is that there are billions of mobiles looking for mobile sex TV.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mobile Porn TV more accessible

According to MobileCrunch , "There are over 1 million mobile Web sites available for your viewing pleasure." Most of the are probably for mobile porn since most mobile web usage is for mobile sex site search. A problem with mobile browsers is that the bookmarking feature is limited. Moreover, keeping track of multiple site is slow on mobile internet.
Now we can rejoice at the growing number of homepage customization sites designed for mobiles. So you can have your favorite RSS feeds of news and e-mail with mobile porn links on the same home page.
To have your cell phone's homepage optimized for viewing porn we recommend to use MobiSeer. It will let you add Sex On Cell to your start page along with other sites you like to visit. Check out the Mobilerunch review of MobiSeer.